The Weirdest Breakfast Foods

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You thought that you take it to the extreme when you dip your sausage muffin into sweet and sour sauce? Or did you maybe think that you are pushing all boundaries when you added bacon to your pancakes and maple syrup breakfast plate? Well how about some ant eggs or raw blood for breakfast?

People all around the world come up with meals that some of us have a very hard time comprehending. Be it need-based or a result of excessive experimentation, some breakfasts exceed others in their sheer weirdness or peculiar taste combinations. Let’s start with some basics and upgrade to some more hardcore stuff.

Pancakes, maple syrup and bacon

If you’re American, you might find yourself surprised that your favourite breakfast made the list. That being said, sweet pancakes and maple syrup combined with bacon leave most of those living outside the USA utterly confused. Since people try and stick to either sweet or savoury breakfast option, the combo of both is a new one and sounds somewhat startling to quite a few people around.

Pork and fish

A few slices of ham or a tuna sandwich is one thing. There are, however, breakfast foods that include extremely spicy fish, fatty pork and other foods generally considered very heavy for breakfast. For instance, Thailand has a dish that sounds extremely delicious, it might simply be a little hard to imagine eating that at 7am in the morning. It includes spicy fish prepared with mint, sweet or spicy pork depending on preferences. The two are together (!) served over a large portion of rice. For what it’s worth, it seems like you wouldn’t feel hunger for quite some time after a breakfast like that!


This one might come as a surprise for all who have nothing in common with South American, and particularly Mexican, cuisine. What happens here is that people gather larvae of ants from the roots of agave and maguey plants. They are considered a delicacy because actually procuring them is a truly difficult job – the ants bite extremely painfully and there are situations where people have to brush off the ants from the people digging at the roots! Mexicans eat them mixed with various veggies, guacamole and other ingredients of such kind because the larvae are somewhat nutty and buttery and resemble the consistency of cottage cheese.

Casu Marzu

Imagine food so gross it is illegal. This is the food. Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian cheese that is taken to the next level by not only fermenting it, but also allowing it to be riddled with live insect larvae which then digest and process the cheese removing a lot of its fat. The cheese can only be eaten when the larvae inside of it is still alive, otherwise it is too dangerous. Although as mentioned before officially this cheese is illegal, there is no stopping locals from distributing the cheese off the market; and thus, it indeed ends up on some breakfast tables!

Tiet Canh

How about some bird blood for breakfast? Yes, it is a thing in Vietnam, and it is finishing this list for a reason. The basis for this soup is raw duck or goose blood, seasoned with peanuts and herbs. It has so much to it, including the danger of bird flu virus, that I will just leave this at that and you can decide whether you have a strong enough stomach to discover more about this soup.

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