Poaching Eggs Made Easy

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Eggs are an indispensable part of breakfast for many people around the world. There are many different ways to prepare them. They are tasty cooked, fried, stirred or scrambled. But if it has to be traditional, a poached egg, served on bread with a Hollandaise sauce, salmon and avocado is the ideal version.

Poached eggs or also called eggs Benedict are special delicacies that you don’t indulge in every day. The reason for that could be that many people do not know how to prepare these dishes in an effortless way. However, a few tricks and a few kitchen tools can help since the classic preparation of a poached egg. Typically, the eggs are only simmered but not boiled, with some vinegar added to the water. Finally, you use a spoon to create a vortex in the pot. However, the spin must neither be too strong nor too weak. That is arguably the correct way to make poached eggs.

For many lovers of a filling long breakfast, this seems too expensive, too unsafe, and too time-consuming. Therefore, they prefer to go without their poached egg and only order it in pubs or hotels while on holiday. But that need not be, because with the right kitchen gadgets, you can also prepare this dish at home.

Kitchen Tools Take over the Most Important Steps

Most of the time the preparation fails due to poaching, but a poaching tool offers a solution to this problem with the proper technique, so the practice should always be successful. The kitchen gadget looks like an hourglass. You put the egg in the large opening, after which it slides into the lower part of the container. A water-permeable net prevents the egg from breaking while simmering. The tool is made of silicone and is therefore very resistant. You can also use it in hot water without any problems and then it goes straight into the dishwasher and is immediately ready for use again.

In Silicone or Stainless Steel

We consider this kitchen gadget to be the easiest way to prepare poached eggs quickly and safely. First, you bring the water with a dash of vinegar to a boil. Then set the temperature on low until the water simmers. The egg comes into the mold and soaks in the water. When it’s ready, it comes out of the water and is ready to be served. The significant advantage of this poaching tool is that you can prepare regular boiled eggs in the water simultaneously.

In Silicone or Stainless Steel
In Silicone or Stainless Steel

If you place immense value on design, you can also buy this poaching aid in stainless steel. These can usually hang on the edge of the pot and stay perfectly in place. Since the container is made of hard material, opened egg doesn’t move around as much and thus retains its shape. After around seven minutes, you will also achieve the perfect consistency for a poached egg. These products usually cost about 20 Euro, but they are worth their money for those who like to eat poached eggs. After all, this is how you make sure that the egg preparation always succeeds. With these kitchen gadgets you never have to do without this delicacy again and can surprise your family and friends with it.

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