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Most have heard the saying that some things never get old. Very applicable to breakfast! Throughout time, some foods have established themselves at the top of most of the world’s breakfast menus, and there must be a reason for it! Let’s explore what those beloved meals are, and perhaps you will rediscover some that were long forgotten by you and bring them back to make you breakfast more varied!


Good old classics. As a concept, they date back to ancient Greece, where people cooked various flat cakes, obelios, between hot metal plates. Nowadays, it is one of the most famously known foods that people make for breakfast. They are made from leavened batter or dough cooked between two hot plates. They are distinguished by their unique shape, size, and most importantly, surface impression. Usually pressed into shapes, they are a fun food to play with as they can be eaten by hand and ripped into smaller pieces. One country that has a well-known history of waffle-making is Belgium. There, a dozen of versions is made on general basis and they vary based on the region. Oftentimes eaten with butter, fruits, jellies, maple syrup and other added ingredients, they can make a perfect breakfast option!

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

Or eggs in any shape or form, for that matter. Known for their nutritious qualities, eggs are quick to make and thus perfect for those who want to get their healthy breakfast meal in before a long day. True, eggs can get old if eaten too often, but you can always experiment by adding veggies you like, frying some bacon on the side, making a toast and in that way creating an entire breakfast feast for yourself.


Bagels, croissants, cinnamon rolls… you name it! Indeed delicious, and the dose of sugar can give a great boost of energy. However, it must be mentioned that many pastries of this kind lack well-balanced nutritional qualities, thus it is best not to abuse them as it can lead to unwanted kilograms and sense of hunger not too long after eating. That being said, from time to time, sit back and enjoy a warm croissant with a strong cup of coffee to kickstart a great day!

Cereals and yoghurts

Loved by those always in a rush. And reasonably so, because all you need to do is pour some milk over a bunch of cereal flakes or open a pack of yoghurt! Dairy products like these are a common breakfast option and a great way to make your breakfast more varied, especially in mornings when you want something light and not hot.


Are you a devoted coffee person that cannot imagine their morning meal without a strong cup of this magical liquid? Or perhaps you always drink tea? Why not consider opting out for a different kind of breakfast food supplement once in a while and have some juice? If possible, always choose freshly squeezed ones, as they are rich in natural sugars and give a great energy boost and pleasantly surprise your taste buds.

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