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Breakfast is a subject of extensive discussions when it comes to proper nutrition and taking care of oneself. Some, among them many nutritionists and diet specialists, claim that this is the most important meal of the day, however, it is notoriously difficult to eat a good and healthy breakfast without rushing in mornings when you feel like you would do anything for three more minutes of peaceful sleep before work. If you are one of those people, the chances are most of your breakfast comes down to cereal, a sandwich or a handful of anything you can eat in your car or along the way.

However, it does not need to be that at all! Just like for every other meal of the day, you can meal prep for your breakfast in advance. Cut up the fruit for your fruit salad, soak the oats you will want to make an oatmeal out of, or peel and cut up the veggies for your healthy morning omelet and you will see how quickly and easily you can adapt to eating breakfast that is nutritious but not all that time consuming. The energy levels will go through the roof, you will get an immediate mood booster and feel good throughout the day!

After you have taken the time to introduce breakfast into your everyday diet, the chances are you might want to experiment with it and make something extraordinary for your peaceful Sunday morning. Let’s see some ideas!


Regardless of how much you might like them, scrambled or boiled eggs get old in no time. Put some fantasy into it! Quiche vs frittata is a consideration you might want to have if you have an oven at home. These are both egg-based meals with veggies, meat, fish – pretty much anything you can think of that would go well with eggs. While quiche is made by pouring eggs with other ingredients into a custard base and adding heavy cream for texture, frittata has no crust and little to no cream, making it perhaps a little less savory but certainly healthier! You might want to fry the add-ins a little beforehand to make sure that they are well cooked. If you dedicate an hour and make a large quiche or frittata, you can enjoy this tasty breakfast a few mornings afterwards!



As tasty as they are, the regular eggs-milk-sugar-flour pancakes are not the heathiest and most nutritious option for you morning regardless of whether you top it off with blueberries or drown them in maple syrup. Banana oatmeal, vegan, coconut flour, Greek yoghurt-based, whole wheat – these are all the alternative types of pancakes you can try out for a breakfast that is not only tasty, but also nutritious and full of good sugars and carbs.


A lot of people try to stay away from veggies for breakfast as they usually tend to opt out for either something sweet or something light. That being said, eating meals with boiled or steamed veggies, such as low-carb breakfast enchiladas or cauliflower waffles, can be a very nice way to start the morning; your stomach will feel great because such foods are usually easy to digest, you will get full quickly and be energetic throughout the day!

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