Breakfast Foods to Avoid

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Your favourite breakfast might not be the best breakfast. People’s understanding of good breakfast varies depending on their dietary commitments, health and preferences. While once in a while most foods are more than acceptable, here is a list of breakfast foods you should avoid eating every other morning if you hope to feel healthy and energized throughout the day.

Cereal and most store-bought granola

No matter how many food blogs or nutritionists’ pages you read about the importance of breakfast, you will find these foods on the forbidden breakfast list. The primary reason is the unreasonable amount of unhealthy sugars these foods contain. They lack in most other nutrition aspects, especially in super important fibre. That combined with excessive amounts of sugar and carbs can lead to a sudden rise of your blood sugar, which drops not long after and can cause excessively high sense of hunger and poor mood. Make your own granola! It will be tasty, last for a while, and most importantly, keep you healthy and energetic.

Frozen everything

In the world where being in a rush is basically the definition of any morning, frying up some previously frozen waffles, pancakes or other types of food is highly popular. On top of them not having much nutritional value and a lot of sugar, they have huge amounts of refined four, which is never a good component of a meal, let alone breakfast. If you make them yourself, you can replace certain ingredients with healthier ones and eat a breakfast that includes valuable carbs and protein. However, if you buy pre-made products, be sure that your breakfast will not help you feel full for long.



This one might indeed come as a surprise. It might be tasty, and it might not be all that bad, but most often it is not all that great either. The truth is that freshly squeezed, natural juice is a rare sight on any breakfast table. People who opt out for more affordable and convenient option of supermarket juice gain only a solid dose of added sugar as the product undergoes extensive filtration and evaporation processes that help it have a solid flavour. And even if you do try to squeeze your own juice, remember that you are juicing out all of the fibre, making the juicy pretty much a worthless breakfast addition.

White toast and pastries

First, white bread will not keep you full for as long as dark bread would because it does not have a lot of fibre in it. The amount of processed four in white bread and pastries is incredibly high, and usually these foods do not go unaccompanied by jellies, butter (or even worse, margarine), and other condiments high in sugar, all of which comes down to a breakfast that gives you the illusion of satiety that disappears soon after.

Sweetened dairy

Dairy and sugar together aren’t the best combo. However, if it is supermarket yoghurt, rest assured that there is no good sugar there but a lot of synthetic sweeteners instead. Consider buying some plain Greek yoghurt and adding some nuts, berries or other natural ingredients to enhance the flavour and feel full.

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