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Most probably you have your personal favorites when it comes to breakfast and depending on the busyness of your mornings, you might have several go-tos. However, what those go-tos are, and whether you eat breakfast at all, largely depends on your nationality, country of origin and cultural practices. You might be surprised to realize how vastly different breakfast foods are around the world! Let’s explore some of them.


England is the first on our list not without a reason. It has established breakfast traditions that date back to the Middle Ages, when breakfast were leisurely affairs with glassware and silverware as elaborate as possible to impress guests. Many people all around the world eat breakfast similar to that of the English and don’t even realize that those foods have specific origins. What is the English breakfast famous for? Well, for starters, it’s known as full breakfast, which already implies that there is a good amount of food to be had. It’s also known as a “fry-up”, suggesting that the food is warm, filling and…perhaps not always super healthy. English breakfast indeed has regional varieties, but in most cases, you’ll be able to find two nice fried eggs, some back bacon, juicy sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread. It goes without saying that the breakfast is accompanied by a cup of strong and tasty coffee or, even more authentically, English tea and, of course, a crispy buttered toast. Varieties of beans and hash browns are also a popular addition to an already full plate. All that together, and fried, seems like a recipe for diabetes, and while it indeed might not be the healthiest breakfast option, many nutritionists and doctors claim that such breakfast can help boost the metabolism and the issue of fat can easily be resolved by grilling the food instead of frying it.


Germans are known to be practical and straightforward people, and their usual breakfast communicates a similar message. It is simple, quick and tasty. Usually German breakfast consists of high-carb products as they love their bread. You should be able to find several different types of bread on any table, most of them from a local bakery. And who wouldn’t love a warm and squishy bread roll straight out of the oven? Naturally, the breakfast there includes butter or margarine, various meats and cheeses, jellies, and some veggies. A glass of juice or a cup of something nice and warm is always a welcome addition.


Italy tradition


Jokes aside, a usual Italian breakfast is much lighter than German, let alone the English one. It does include their preferred cup of coffee, which is usually a strong, high-quality bean espresso. Let’s note that if you are actually in Italy, morning is the only part of the day when you can enjoy your coffee with added milk without being teased by real Italians as they are very particular about their coffee. The morning coffee comes with pastry of their choice.

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