Breakfast Around the World. Part 4

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a saying of great importance when it comes to Mexico because their next meal is served at around 3pm. In fact, it is possible to claim that Mexico has breakfast twice – “desayuno”, which is a tiny meal right after waking up, and “almuerzo”, which is a heavier one eaten mid-morning, sometimes as late as 12.30pm. The regional variety is vast in a country as large as Mexico, but eggs and corn-based dishes dominate the breakfast menu there. Mexicans usually start off with “pan dulce” (sweet bread) and a cup of hot beverage, oftentimes coffee or hot chocolate. Fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juice aren’t uncommon. Huevos rancheros are a breakfast you should treat yourself to whether you are in Mexico or simply looking to try out some Mexican cuisine at home. It includes fried eggs served with a fried tortilla and spicy or mild tomato sauce. “Chilaquiles” are also important to mention as they are greatly popular in Mexico. They include fried corn tortillas with sauce, cheese and sour cream. If done right, they are neither too crispy nor too soggy but simply delicious!


“Pão de queijo” – you might not know how to pronounce it, but you’d definitely love to taste it! These are the well-known Brazilian cheese rolls, made with tapioca starch. They are gluten free, which happens to be especially relevant in our day and age. They have soft and chewy insides covered with a thin and crisp crust. Most recipes will allow you to use simple farmer’s cheese as the main ingredient, but if you can get your hands on local Brazilian queijo minas cheese, your pão de queijo will be as authentic as they can get. Manioc, which also goes by the name of cassava, is another part of Brazilian cuisine that is vastly popular as a breakfast food. Starch (manioc or tapioca) is used to make unique crepes that get filled with either sweet or savoury ingredients and make for a tasty and filling breakfast.



In a culture where fast food has a strongly established presence, it goes without saying that many people opt out for a fast and perhaps not super healthy option on their way to work. Those include but are not limited to breakfast muffins, sandwiches, hash browns, coffee or tea. That being said, the tradition of sitting down with family at a breakfast table is certainly not extinct. Whenever that occurs, Americans love their pancakes with maple syrup, bagels with cream cheese, eggs and bacon pretty universally. Also, depending on where in the US you are, you might find some popular regional varieties. For instance, one of the most common meals to start off the day in the South are squishy biscuits and gravy. Sweets, such as muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls or other kind of pastries are very common everywhere in the US.

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