Breakfast Around the World. Part 3

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A country as big and as populous as China has a lot of regional variety to it. However, there are some foods that can be found on breakfast tables pretty much anywhere across China. One of such meals is soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks. The two usually go together and are a pretty common breakfast combo. Locals can be seen having the deep-fried sticks with rice congee. Grab a stick, dip it into the freshly blended or boiled soymilk and you’ll have a tasty and sweet breakfast snack! Steamed buns are another popular breakfast food. In fact, Chinese people eat those a lot in general. They can come stuffed with meat, soup, veggies or nothing at all. Tofu pudding, rice and wheat noodles are also worthy of mentioning in this list as they are quite common all across China. The great thing is that even as a tourist in China, you get to enjoy these breakfast treats anywhere and anytime, because they are very common in food stalls, just have some cash on you!


Thailand meals

Interestingly, Thailand has few meals that would be available for breakfast only. In fact, the entire idea of food being set in stone for only one part of day is quite alien there. That being said, some foods are more popular in the morning than in the evening. One of those is Joke, a rice congee porridge. It is similar to the Chinese congee, as it is rice boiled up until it dissolves and becomes a thick porridge with consistency that resembles an oatmeal. Oftentimes served with an egg cracked in the middle! , which translates to boiled pork blood, is a very unique and common Thai breakfast food. It is high in protein, which is a smart choice for breakfast. It includes numerous pig’s parts and the famous chucks of coagulated pig’s blood, boiled together in a soup. Sounds strange, but a must-try!


Rich in cultural practices, Vietnam is a country also rich in unique and tasty breakfast foods. The list has to begin with Bánh mì, which is a breakfast sandwich of choice there. It is filling, it is cheap, and it is extremely tasty. Usually it consists of various pickled and fresh veggies, herbs, cheeses and meats that get stuffed into a fresh baguette. It actually has a fascinating story behind its such vast popularity. Xôi, a mixture of fried onions, mung beans, quail eggs and sausage pieces all on a rice base, is another breakfast food incredibly popular in Vietnam, and especially among kids. Bún chả giò also deserves to be mentioned, as it super popular all over Vietnam, although in different varieties. It is usually a bunch of grilled pork, pickled veggies all served over rice vermicelli noodles with a dipping sauce on the side. Heavy and filling, it is certainly a great way to start the day and feel energetic all the way throughout!

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