Breakfast Around the World. Part 2

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Just like in most parts of the world, the Nigerian breakfast has a lot of Western attributes. One can oftentimes find meals such as pancakes or cereal on the breakfast table of a Nigerian family, especially one that leads a more urban lifestyle. However, it is interesting to explore the more traditional options that still very much prevail in the country. A very popular breakfast food, as well as just a snack in general, is Akara. It’s made from deep-fried black-eyed peas with added spices. Most often it is accompanied by Ogi, which is a cereal pudding that typically consists of maize, sorghum, or millet. Ogi is also called Akamu or Pap, and you can find oats or custard instead of it.


Unique culture

Kenya has spectacular nature and unique culture to offer. It has some interesting meals when it comes to the breakfast as well, but it is most famous for Mini Mandazi. Though this tasty breakfast treat is popular not only in Kenya but also in the entirety of East Africa, Kenya has some of the most established traditions for it. Mandazi are tiny and sweet doughnuts, also known as “Swahili Coconut Doughnut”. As the name implies, it includes coconut milk as well as coconut flakes, with the addition of cardamom and nutmeg, all of which gets fried to perfection. It is possible to make Mandazi with yeast or use baking powder; however, yeast might be the more desirable choice as it adds certain richness to the flavor. You can make these at home pretty easily, so consider adding this treat to your special Sunday breakfast!


Ghanaian cuisine is versatile and the breakfast that people usually enjoy there is interesting to explore. Unlike most African countries, breakfast in Ghana tends to be slightly more filling. One breakfast food that you will definitely encounter if you explore the Ghanaian cuisine is a dish named Ampesi. It includes cassava, cocoyam, yam, and a plantain mixture that gets boiled together with fish and onion (yes, fish for breakfast!). You can also find kenkey on a breakfast able in Ghana; Kenkey consists of ground cornmeal soaked in water that then gets fermented for two days and is rolled into a ball. After that, it is boiled and wrapped in plantain leaves. Served with stew or fish, it is an interesting addition to any breakfast if you have the determination to experiment and make it at home!

South Africa

South Africa is a country full of variety in many parts of life, and breakfast is not an exception! Depending on where you are, putupap might be a common breakfast meal. It includes cornmeal porridge, which is very similar to grits, corn bread (or mealie bread) or a beskuit (not biscuit!). Beskuit is a kind of bread known for its crispiness and sweetness, and it is very similar to rusk. A cup of coffee or tea is a must!

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